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5 Surefire Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

5 Surefire Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

Trust is a beautiful thing to experience. It’s absolutely essential in relationships, that’s why you must make sure that your dog trusts you.

Did you know that a dog is considered as one of the most loving and loyal pets in the animal kingdom? It’s true! Canines form such strong bonds with their owners that it’s almost impossible for them to be separated. The highest form of trust a dog can give is when he or she stays faithful until the end.

You love your pet and want them to be happy, but how can you tell if your dog fully trusts you? You might be too busy most of the days with work or family, but a dog’s love and trust can always be earned slowly during leisure time. One of the most precious gifts a dog can give you is trust. A dog’s trust leads to loyalty, friendship, and love. For this reason, it’s worth the time and effort to gain your pet’s trust.

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Here are 5 sure signs that your dog trusts you 100 percent:

1. Your Dog Looks You Straight In The Eye

Some dog owners take it as a challenge when their pets stare at them in the eye. They think that the dog is about to attack or scare them off, but it’s not usually the case. Experts say that the staring challenge is threatening only when other people (visitors, relatives, the mailman) do it, but when your dog does this to you it means that they trust you.

Dog Trust

Dogs show their trust for their owners this way. They love doing this so much that they can stare at your eyes for up to 30 minutes! Studies show that this is a natural instinct that raises a canine’s oxytocin levels (, which is the same thing as when 2 humans cuddle and stare at each other.

As you may know, oxytocin is the same hormone that urges a new mother to unconditionally love her newborn child. So don’t be afraid when your dog stares you right in the eyes- it’s a sign that he or she trusts you and has a high level of love for you. You can be sure that your dog will obey your command and respect you as the master.


2. Your Dog Cuddles With You

Dogs love to cuddle more than any pet in the world. But did you know that this means your dog trusts you when he or she wants to get in some personal time with you?

Canines show their love for their owners through cuddling ( When your dog finishes up his or her meal, scrambles to find you and wags their tail in a friendly manner, you’ll know that they want to cuddle up and get close.

How Dogs ThinkHow Dogs Think

Dogs love their mealtime and after-meal time. If they choose to cuddle up to you after they finish their food, then you can be sure that they value you as well. Some dogs just like to be in close proximity and choose to stay by your feet or lean on your leg, which is a sign of trust as well. The best thing you can do in this case is to allow it, or even reciprocate a bit to show your dog that his or her trust is well-founded and that you’re happy for it.

Dogs wear their emotions on their sleeves. You’ll instantly know when they’re anxious, excited, hurt, sad or disappointed. One look at them and you’ll know how your pet feels about you. You can strengthen your relationship with your canine friend by spending more time during the weekends or right after you get home from work. You may even include them in your exercise routine- it’s a known fact that dogs simply love to explore the great outdoors!

3. Your Dog Knows Your Routine

All dogs are creatures of habit. This means they want to learn your routine and be there whenever possible (

You can use routines to establish a relationship of trust with your dog. Dogs will intuitively learn your routine to get some personal time. For example, your dog will be waking you up as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning. He or she will be waiting right by the door as you come home from work. Your dog might even learn to get your slippers or head to the kitchen to get his meal for the night!

What this means is that your dog has mastered your routine and trusts that it will be the same day in and day out.

4. Your Dog Jumps At Every Chance To Play With You

Dogs are territorial creatures who normally assign a spot in your home as a sanctuary. Your dog might use the sanctuary as a means of retreat if they’re feeling tired, unhappy or when there’s something wrong. But if your pet pooch fully trusts you as his or her master, then they will not go to that sanctuary as much. Instead, your dog will most likely choose to spend time with you and play with you every chance they get! For The Love Of A DogFor The Love Of A Dog

The need to retreat in a safe spot diminishes the more your dog trusts you. For this reason, a dog will choose a spot in your bed when you turn in for the night. You can be sure that your pet will be right beside you when you’re eating, watching TV or when you’re enjoying your hobby. Their joy will be palpable when you decide to spend time and play with them!

5. Your Dog Doesn’t Panic

Dogs can make a mess out of your house when they feel anxious and experience panic attacks. This happens more when you leave to go to work. Your pet will take it as abandonment and act accordingly. One sign that they don’t trust you fully yet is when your dog whines, scratches at the door or does everything in his or her power to make you stay.

When you close the door, your pet will howl and bark like a madman!

All of this changes when you establish a relationship built on trust with your pet. Your dog will be calm, cool and collected when you bid them farewell. He or she won’t chew up the sofa or disturb the neighbors because your dog knows you will be back.

If you need more help with building trust and understanding with your dog, please make sure you take a look at these other picks that we here at Doggie WooF have listed below.


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