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The family in Monterey, California on vacation was started as a platform for us to share the love we have for dogs with the rest of the world. We wanted to share tips on things like choosing your first puppy or how to find the best food for that canine family member that’s getting older.

It is our hope to share tools with you that will help give your dog the best care it deserves throughout their whole life. We don’t see dogs as just pets, we see them as “Family”! From the smiles that they bring to our children’s faces, to the protection they provide us from danger, they bring us so much joy and love.

At, we like the idea of sharing what we know about dog care with as many dog lovers as we can.


Some Helpful Tips include:

  • Dog Training: Tips on how to train your dog yourself or where to get professional help to expedite things.
  • Dog Behavior: We even help with a little “dog psychology” by answering those interesting questions about why our dogs do the things they do. 🙂
  • Dog Adoption: We share tips about how to choose the right dog when you are ready to adopt, where to find rescues in your area, and how to get your home ready for the new family member.
  • Dog Food: We discuss the different types of dog foods that are available and what is best for your dog. We review the most respected names in the dog food and dog treats industry.
  • Dog Problems: We discuss those hard to talk about issues like our dogs biting others, and the dreaded health concerns that our dogs face sooner or later.
  • Dog Care: Every dog lover needs a few things to bring joy and love into their dog’s life. Here we discuss amazing products that are sure to please, and we also try to help by answering questions that may concern you.
  • Raise a Puppy: Who doesn’t love puppies? We also have a place for puppies and how to care for them on our site.

My wife Meribe and I are the driving force behind Together we get things done, Meribe is a stay at home mom who does a great job of raising our two boys and keeping me on track with our blogging. I would be lost without her.

At the present time, we are on the lookout for a new dog (Family member) because our last dog was laid to rest because of an accident with one of our neighbors. The boys were devastated, so it is taking a while to find the right fit for the family. None the less we are confident we will find the perfect dog when the time is right.

If you are wondering where the name “Doggie Woof” came from, well when our oldest son was younger we had a German Shepard and he looked somewhat like a (You guessed it) “Wolf!” but my son would just call him “Doggie” and I would call him “Wolf”. However when my son would try to call him Wolf like me it would sound more like “Woof” hence the name “” it’s a dog thing.