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Top 7 Best Chew Proof Dog Beds In 2018

Chew Proof Dog Beds

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Chew Proof Dog Beds

Chew Proof Dog BedsDoes this ring any bells? You decide to get your dog a nice plush dog bed, but before a month is over, he’s chewed it to shreds. There is something about dogs and dog beds, they just can’t resist chewing on them. If this is true in your dog’s case, it’s time to try something new. We have reviewed the toughest, however (still comfortable) bed options for those chewers who just can’t help themselves. One of these chew proof dog beds has been approved by shelters and vets everywhere.

Regardless if you have a puppy that is teething, a pup that is a troubled teen, or a full-grown anxious dog,  the following are steps that can be taken to increase the lifespan of your dog’s bed: 

  • Exercise every day is very important for your pup both mental and physical, this is crucial before crating your dog.
  • If you catch them chewing on their bed stop them immediately and redirect them to a chew toy or bone instead.
  • To much alone time is not good for your dog, so set a limit or break up long days with a dog walking service.
  • There are several dog chew toys that can keep your dog busy while you are at work. KONG is a well known and respected brand
  • Here’s a “great tip” try spraying Bitter Apple on the items that you do not want your dog to chew on. You will be amazed at the results you get.


Top Chew Proof Dog Beds

 Indoor/Outdoor Pet BedSee It Here Now!

First up is an Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed that is chew resistant and water resistant. It is filled with Eco-First recycled fiber fill for supreme comfort and warmth. Easy to care for removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe. Its dimensions are 40 x 30 x 5 inches and the weight is 4.25 pounds.

Titan Dog Bed 

 Titan Dog Bed- Chew ResistantSee It Here Now!

Next, we have the Titan Dog Bed which features a ballistic-grade nylon cover for enhanced durability. It has a memory foam bed interior which is perfect for older dogs or dogs that are battling with joint pain. It comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee. This allows you an opportunity to see if it lives up to its claims, but more importantly, see if it fits in the category of chew proof dog beds.


 Original TUFF BedSee It Here Now!

There are several colors to choose from which makes this dog bed more appealing to potential buyers. They offer a 90-day limited damage warranty on the bed covers (However this does not include the bed itself.)

Ruff n’ Tuff Dog Bed

 Ruff n’ Tuff Dog BedSee It Here Now!

The cover on this dog bed is zipper-less and it is also waterproof and chew-resistant. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Most dogs find this bed to be very comfortable. This dog bed is chew resistant due to the extra tuff fabric, and the cover can be easily removed because it is machine washable. Please keep in mind THIS BED IS NOT CHEW PROOF rated.

Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed

 Orvis Toughchew Dog BedSee It Here Now!

The Orvis ToughChew dog bed is their version of tough love for the chewer in your family. ToughChew beds have an outer fabric engineered in a full ripstop weave from incredibly tough and durable 1,000-denier nylon and an inner layer of 840-denier nylon, which makes it extra tough yet comfortable.  Coupled with the 100% satisfaction guarantee, they will refund your money if your dog chews through it. No questions asked.

TUFF Crate Pad 

 TUFF Crate PadSee It Here Now!

Do you need a chew proof bed for your dog crate? If so, the Tuff Bed Crate Pad is an excellent choice. You can use it in your dog kennel and if you decide to take a road trip your furry loved one would enjoy having this pad in the crate. Your pup can use it when you go camping, you can practically roll it up and bring it along anywhere. This pad is recommended for light to moderate chew proof dog beds chewers.

Kuranda Elevated Beds

 Kuranda Chewproof Dog BedSee It Here Now!

We saved the “Best” for last! This is the “Crème de la crème” when it comes to the war against dog chewing. When you think of the name Kuranda you associate it with durable chew proof dog beds that are designed with unrepentant chewers in mind. They have a heavy-duty tubular support made of PVC and/or aluminum pipes that hides and protects the fabric platform. They come in several sizes, along with covers, and upgrades that are available, and all of them come with a one-year warranty. These indestructible chew proof dog beds are used and loved by shelters and rescue centers, so there should be no doubt that they are tough!


Chew Proof Dog Beds Video

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