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Goldendoodle Grooming – 5 Best Tips On How To Groom A Goldendoodle

goldendoodle grooming

Goldendoodle Grooming

In this article, we will be discussing Goldendoodle grooming. We will outline the most important steps on how to groom a Goldendoodle, the best tools for grooming a golden doodle at home, and we will even touch a little bit on Goldendoodle grooming styles.

Please pay close attention to the techniques involved in grooming Goldendoodles because by doing so your Doodle will look and feel so much better. Many have asked us about “when to start grooming a Goldendoodle”? We cover that here as well, and it may be sooner than you think. We hope you enjoy these Goldendoodle grooming tips.

How To Groom A Goldendoodle (Grooming a Goldendoodle at home)

Step 1: Brushing Your Goldendoodle

For your dog to stay clean, beautiful, and mat-free, you need to brush your Goldendoodle at least three times a week. If you come across small mats that are difficult to brush out, just cut them off to prevent them from becoming more of a problem. If you have time, brush your dog on a daily basis. It is recommended that you should start combing and brushing your Goldendoodle when it is still a puppy to make it get used to the process early enough. This will help them become more comfortable with grooming process and consequently give you an easier time when grooming her.

Slicker Brush For DogsSlicker Brush For DogsCheck Prices And ReviewsTo start with, use a slicker brush as it is quite smooth. Start at the bottom by brushing away each line of hair and working your way up. Always make sure you see the skin with each hairline before shifting to the next line. You will need to follow this process all the way up to ensure there are no tangles or mats. It is important to remove all tangles and mats and make sure not to forget the armpits and tail.

If the mats are large and cannot be brushed out, use a grooming scissor or dog clippers to remove them. After removing the tangles, brush them off using a metal pin to comb her coat thoroughly until you feel the brush is moving easily through the locks. If you find your brush getting stuck in any section, repeat the process and unweave the tangle by starting off at the end of the strands as you work your way towards the skin.

Shave Hidden Areas On Your Doodle

Certain areas of your Goldendoodle will be hard to groom, and thus it is important to shave them completely. Even if you leave the coat on these areas to become longer, you will find it very difficult to trim them. Among the areas, you need to shave include the belly area, genital area, and around the anus.

They should be shaved smoothly using clippers. The luscious curly fur of a doodle makes these areas serve as sponges and can increase the risk of infections and formation of mats. You will also need to shave the area below the ear canal to allow air to flow.

How to Groom a Doodle (Natural & Puppy Cut) - Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

The video covers everything you need to know, about how to groom a Goldendoodle at home.

Removing Ear Hair

You will need to remove the hair in your doodles ears before bathing so as it plucks easily when dry. The hair in their ear canal can trap in moisture which can harbor bacteria that can cause infections in your dog. Ear hairs are easy to pluck, and you can do so with your thumb and finger.The Ultimate Goldendoodle Dog ManualThe Ultimate Goldendoodle Dog ManualSee It Here Now!

You need to be gentle but quick and make sure to pluck a small section of hair at a time. Pulling larger sections will be harder and consequently painful for your dog. After removing the hairs from your dog’s inner ear, you can put several dry cotton balls in her ear canals to help keep water out when bathing her. Once you are through, immediately remove the cotton balls.

Step 2: Time For A Bath

1st TIP: Give your puppy at least one week after bringing her home before bathing so as to avoid putting more stress on her.

2nd TIP: Make sure to turn off the AC and ensure there are no drafts. Don’t give your new family member chills.

Preparation: You will need to prepare for bath time to makes things easier for both of you. Make sure to have your dog conditioner, dog shampoo, a metal flea comb, a rinsing cup and a towel, in fact, lots of towels. You will also need to have a blow dryer to accelerate the drying process.

Make sure to untangle all the tangled or matted hairs on your Goldendoodle before bathing her. Follow the steps we discussed in step one and be sure the brush is moving through the hairs smoothly without getting stuck. Remove large mats with an electric shaver or grooming scissors as mentioned above.

Before you start preparing and bathing your Goldendoodle, make sure you are excited and playing with her. They will feel the fun and excitement, and that will make it more comfortable and relaxed for baths. The good news is that all breeds of Goldendoodle love water so it will be easier for you in the long run. After making her feel happy, have fun and wash her. Rinse all the dog shampoo out of the coat as any shampoo left on your pup’s hairs can cause skin problems.

Check out this video for some quick tips on Goldendoodle grooming bathing.

If you want to dry all the water from your Doodle, we recommend that you drain all the water and keep your doodle in the tub. You can use a towel to dry your doodle and then use a pet blow dryer while she lay on another towel. Keep your blow dryer 12-18 inches away from your dog and have it on a warm setting, not hot or high as it can burn your dog’s skin. You can test it using the back of your hand if it feels too hot for you, then it will be too hot for them. Move it in back and forth motions while using your other hand to fluff the hairs. Repeat this process until the undercoat is completely dry to the touch. You can brush your dog gently while drying it but be sure that you are brushing it to the direction of its hair growth.

Start by drying the ears, head, and top coat first, then move down to the belly area and legs. Once you feel your dog fur has completely dried, run the dryer through its coat on cool settings to cool down its fur. Pass your fingers through its coat to feel if you can find damp spots that might need extra attention. Check and make sure there are no damp spots on your Goldendoodle as they will tangle and quickly turn into mats that cannot be combed out. You should not let your dog dry naturally as they can get chilled.

Goldendoodle Grooming Styles – (Don’t make this mistake)

You can avoid post-shampoo tangles by finger-combing your pup with firm strokes in a single direction. Drive out excess moisture from your dog’s coat by running your fingers through its coating starting at the top of her body and work your way down to her feet, then rinse thoroughly. When towel-drying her coat, use firm patting motions on individual sections of her coat rather than ruffling or rubbing, which can create mats or tangles. When you are blow drying, avoid moving the hair with your hands, instead, constantly brush down in the direction of hair growth. This is one of the most important techniques in Goldendoodle grooming.

Step 3: Grooming Goldendoodles (Comb Your Goldendoodle Again And Trim)

After you have confirmed that your Goldendoodle has completely dried, you can start combing through the coat again to ensure no tangles remain. Make sure the coat has completely dried to avoid creating extra tangles.

Start with the head first and work your way down to the neck. You can use grooming scissors to groom its head so that it blends into the neck of your Goldendoodle. After that, grab a long comb, and your electric dog clippers with a 1-inch attachment.

Take a look at these quality clippers for Goldendoodle Grooming below: These are some of the best clippers for Goldendoodle grooming at a great price. Grab One Today!

Make sure to have some clipper cooling spray as the clippers may heat up after some time, or you may want to have two sets of clippers. Swipe down the cheeks on both sides two times and then use hand scissors to trim hairs that are standing out.

Now you can use hand scissors to trim hairs over the eyes, so it blends with the rest of your dog’s head. However, don’t make them too short. Next, use the one-inch attachment on your dog clippers, and clip the neck, belly, back, and the sides. Using the clippers, go in all directions to ensure it is even. You should stop at around half an inch above the elbows of your doodles front legs and the back hips for her hind legs.

Use a one-inch attachment with #30 blade to make a single pass down for the legs, getting to the back, sides, and front of all the legs. You only need to make one pass for the legs and make a down motion for each leg. You then comb up the legs and cut all the hairs that should be shaved using hand grooming scissors and a comb.

You can use a Dremel pet nail Goldendoodle Grooming tool to grind off the tops of the nails so as to make them blunt or use clippers to trim them altogether. Trim the hairs on the feet by working from the front so that her nails are covered. Trim close to the feet but make sure you don’t see the pads. The best tool for this job is curved grooming scissors. Finally, make sure to trim the hair between the pads of the feet to ensure they are level with the pads.

Special Tip: Be careful when trimming your dog’s nails and check to make sure you don’t cut into the pink area as it can be very painful for your dog. By snipping off the clear white end only, you will see the pink vein and how it runs down to the toenail. Make sure you don’t cut the pink vein when trimming your doodles toenails.

Final Thoughts: Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and need regular routine maintenance, they are beautiful and fun creatures. This is why you should groom them regularly to prevent ear infections and matting. This will help make your work easier and save on your grooming bills.

As mentioned earlier Goldendoodles are high maintenance pets, but one major plus is they are hypoallergenic dogs. Ear infections and matting are the most common challenges you will encounter with doodles, but you can avoid these problems by regularly grooming them and repeatedly shaving down hairs in their ears and areas we have discussed here. We hope you enjoyed these helpful tips on how to trim a Goldendoodle.

DISCLAIMER: The information we have provided here should only be used for references. It is intended to provide you with help. You should not use it to substitute treatment or care that your veterinarian may have directed. If you think your doodle has a grooming or medical problem, always seek competent, professional help as soon as you can.

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Required Grooming Equipment

We recommend the following items for your Goldendoodle grooming needs:


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